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undefined 前些日子, 与友人争辩起神的有无, 倏然想起自己六七年前考英文时写的一篇 Topic, 刨将出来作为论辩的武器, 觉得铺排甚是华丽, 忍不住又得意了一回:

■ Nowadays why do some people still believe in superstition?

Some people do not believe in god, because they couldn’t see god.
But there are lots of things that exist, and we believe it is there, even though we couldn’t see it.

We can’t see wind, but when we see the leaves move, we claim that wind exists.
We can’t see electricity, but when the lights come on, we know it is there.
We can’t see love, but from the people that loves and cares for us, we know it is there.
We can’t see god, but from this amazing world, from the tiniest bug, to the endless university, it is all full of his amazing creations, from this we shall know that god exist.

It’s not a coincidence, words do not line themselves up and make it into a book, but people arrage it into meaningfull sentences. Bricks do not heap themselves up and make it into a building, but there is an architect. Everything has the one behind.

So, do we need a summarization now? Nope. You can get it, right?
(最末这句是某白念大学那会借我这篇稿去参加辩论时加上的. 嗯, 年少的男孩子么, 喜欢在语气上耍帅是很能够理解的. )


有些人不相信神, 因为他们说他们看不见神.
其实生活中有很多肉眼看不见的东西, 但我们都相信它们是存在的.

我们看不见风, 但当我们看见树上叶子摆动的时候我们就知道风是存在的;
我们看不见电, 但灯一亮, 我们便知道它是存在的;
我们看不见爱, 但从关心我们的人身上, 我们就知道爱是存在的;
我们看不见神, 但我们从这奇妙美丽的世界, 从最弱小的昆虫, 到广阔无边的宇宙, 都充满奇妙的设计与美丽的色彩, 我们便知道神是确实存在的.

一切不是偶然的, 文字不会自己顺序排列而成书, 而是有人把他们组织成有意义的句子. 每本书必定有它的作者; 每幅画必定有他的绘者 (这句因为译不顺所以就去掉了); 每栋建筑物必定有它的建筑师.. 一切的背后都有它的策划者.

那时, 我从老师给的 Topic 中精选了二十道来准备, (所谓准备便是考前猜题, 事先写好背出. 只选二十题不是因为我又犯懒, 而是怕准备太多会来不及背. ) 因有 Deborah、Jim 和 Peter 的鼎力相助, 从而得以顺利地通过当时的考试. 昨个又有要备考年末 CET4 的小朋友来问我讨考试资料, 一回想起当年大家帮助我时所花费的心力, 和我自个的辛苦, 就觉得这些辛劳的结晶如果只被使用一两回, 实在有些可惜, 于是晾出来晒晒, 若能给应考生们点滴帮助, 也是好的.

以下是另二十篇圆圆精选的 Topic, 英语专业的口语/写作考试都可适用 (当提纲当框架用啦), 对付四六级考试的作文那更是绰绰有余. 大部分我都是先用中文写再译为英文, 这部分有双语对照, 也有少部分我是直接拿英文写的, 偷懒不想再译回中文. 也请不要就其中的观点来跟我争论, 很多都是扯的, 对付考试而已, 怎么好写怎么写, 并非我的观点.
(1) What effects(How) do you think of cyber-love has on our life?

I think developing love via internet has far more negative effects.

首先, 网恋容易被别人欺骗. 因为网络可以为人提供伪装.
Firstly, people are easy to be deceived.
People will tend to learn to disguise themselves.

其次, 网恋容易使青少年荒废学业. 许多青少年深陷其中无法自拔.
Secondly, youngsters run away from school, abandon study.
Many young people are so indulged in it and lose many precious things.

最后, 网恋破坏家庭稳定. 因为网恋而离婚的人不在少数.
Finally, families are destroyed. Divorced couples increase.

因为如上几点原因, 我认为, 网恋在生活中起了负面作用.
From what I have mentioned above, developing love via internet has far more negative effects.

(2) What effects(How) do you think of internet has on our life?

I think computer is good in many ways.

首先, 网络拉近了世界的距离. 通过网络, 我们可以方面地和世界上任何一个角落通信.
Firstly, Internet brings people closer each other than ever.
With internet, it’s faster and more convenient to communicate with any one on the globe.

其次, 网络上有丰富的讯息, 通过网络可以找到任何所需资料.
Secondly, there is much useful information on the net.

最后, 网络为人们提供了一种新的娱乐方式, 人们通过网络何以和他人一同进行游戏.
Finally, internet give a new entertainment to people, we can play games with others via internet.

网络给生活带来了便利, 尽管它有某些副作用, 但总体说来, 它的好处多于坏处.
Internet makes life more conveniently. Although it maybe has some negative effects, on the whole internet does more good to us than harm.

(3) In your opinion, what quality should a teacher possess?

In my opinion, a teacher should have several qualities as follows:

Firstly, a teacher must be enthusiastic, because a good teacher must love his job and love his students.

Secondly, a teacher must be honest, because teachers are the examples of students.

Then, a teacher should have patience, because teachers have to face the slow learners, noisy children, and mischievous boys.

From what I have mentioned above, a teacher should be enthusiastic, honest and patience.

(4) Why do more and more people use mobile phones?

I think, the reasons that why more and more people use mobile phones are as follows:

Firstly, mobile phones make life quite convenient.
Have got a mobile phone that means people are always able to reach you.

Secondly, mobile phones are increasingly powerful functions. Now you can listen to FM、MP3 by mobile phones, you can use it as a clock, and you can go surfing on the internet by it, too.
Even some mobile phones can be used as a PDA, can remember the telephone numbers, the schedules for you.

Finally, mobile phones are cheaper and cheaper. Anyone can get it easily.

Mobile phones have so many benefits, so more and more people used mobile phones.

(5) Why do people want to buy a house?

I think people buy houses for the following reasons:

首先, 随着生活水平的提高, 人们有钱可以买房.
Firstly, people’s wealth increases with the improvement of living standard.

其次, 青年人希望和父母分开住. 表示自己已经长大, 有能力离开父母独自生活.
Secondly, youngsters like to live separately from parents so they can have freer life.
And they may also mitigate many disputes with parent in the daily life.

最后, 买房是进行投资的一种方式. 近年房产价格飙升, 投资房产获利颇丰.
At last, buying house is a long term way of investment. The property prices increase drastically in the recent years and it has brought great profits to house owners so far.

From what I have mentioned above,
I think these are the reasons why people want to buy a house.

(6) Why do more and more people feel(became) crazy about POP stars?

I suppose the following reasons that people worship stars:

首先, 现在的社会认为有钱是成功的象征. 因为明星的收入高, 被认为是成功者, 因此受到崇拜.
Firstly, the modern society takes virtue of wealth and money is the sole symbol of success.
Stars have high income and therefore, they are adored.

其次, 媒体对大众的影响越来越大. 总是出现在电视和各种时尚杂志封面的明星被人们所熟悉, 并且被认为是前卫时尚的代言人.
Secondly, stars often appear in TV or well-known magazines and have much influence on people’s values. The public tend to think the celebrities are representatives of the pioneering lifestyle.

最后, 人们的精神空虚, 因为人们没有自己的信仰.
Lastly, lack of belief, mindset solidarity is prevalent. To adopt an idol for oneself is a good haven to conquer emotional distress, and cure the feeling of being isolated.

From what I have mentioned above,
I think these are the reasons why people feel (became) crazy about POP stars.

(7) Why do more and more foreigners enjoy Chinese food?

I think the reasons that why more and more foreigners enjoy Chinese food are as follows:

首先, 中国的饮食文化魅力无穷. 作为中华文化中的一部分, 中国菜有着诱人的吸引力.
Firstly, Chinese food culture is full of charm.
The food itself attracts as one part of the Chinese culture.

其次, 中国菜的营养均衡, 对健康有益.
Secondly, Chinese food focuses on the nutritional balance.
It’s good for people’s healthy.

最后, 中国菜色香味俱全, 相对比较简单的西方饮食来说, 更受欢迎.
Finally, Chinese food is rich in color, taste and fragrant.
Compared to simple Western food, Chinese food is more welcome.

我认为, 如上几点原因说明了为什么越来越多的外国人喜爱中国饮食.
From what I have mentioned above,
These are the reasons that why more and more foreigners enjoy Chinese food.

(8) Why do modern people pay attention to their clothing?

I think modern people pay attention to their clothing for the following reasons:

Firstly, people’s wealth increases with the improvement of dressed more quality.

Secondly, some people through clothing to show off an appearance of wealth.

Thirdly, nice clothing can make people good-looking.
And some people raise their confidence via their clothing.

From what I have mentioned above,
These are the reasons that why modern people pay attention to their clothing.

(9) Why is (or is not) university education important?

There are several reasons why university education is important:

Firstly, extend secondary education to implant new knowledge to students.

Secondly, to develop self-learning skills which are very useful for life time.

Thirdly, to enrich youngster lives, no only in study but in many other recreational and social activities.

Fourthly, University is a good place to make noble friends and bring that friendship into future.

Fifthly, People who at 20 something are those passing through an important period to forge their worldly and moral values.

Sixthly, there’re many training programs in provided by University so students can get a good feeling of working even before they graduate.

Seventhly, Inter-personal skills can also be enhanced in the daily dealing with flat mates.

Eighthly, youngsters can learn to live independently via university education.

From what I have mentioned above, university education is important.

(10) What are more and more people interested in learning English in China?

我认为, 在中国, 越来越多的人爱好学习英语是因为:
I think the reasons that why more and more people interested in learning English in China are as follows:

首先, 英语是学校教育的核心课程.
The first reason is our school required. English is the core course in China.

其次, 因为一口流利的英语可以为你带来一份好的工作, 越来越多的跨国企业在中国投资, 他们需要英语流利的人才.
Secondly, proficient English can win a good job. With increasing number of global firms making investments in China, the demand for good English speakers is greater than ever.

学习英语能提高自身的素养, 还可以更方便地感受不同的文化以及与不同国籍的人沟通.
Finally, to improve a person’s own value, one should learn more.
Via English, we can enjoy different culture, get information, and communicate with foreigners.

From what I have mentioned above,
these are the reasons why more and more people interested in learning English in China.

(11) Why do more and more people enjoy smoking?

I think the reasons that why more and more people enjoy smoking are as follows:

首先, 因为人们认为抽烟可以使人放松.
Firstly, many people think smoking is a good way to relax.

其次, 在巨大的工作压力和高节奏的生活环境下, 人们借用烟草暂时的麻痹一下紧张的神经.
Secondly, under the great working pressure and fast living pace,
modern city dwellers use cigars to paralyze their nerves so that they could relax.

最后, 因为烟草商的推销手段越来越高明,
Finally, due to the techniques of cigarette advertisements,
people’s mindset have been deeply influenced and changed.
They think smoking is a cool fashion.

我认为, 如上几点原因说明了为什么越来越多的人抽烟.
From what I have mentioned above,
These are the reasons that why more and more people enjoy smoking.

(12) Why do more and more people using cosmetics?

I think the reasons that why more and more people using cosmetics are as follows:

首先, 人们的收入提高了, 使得化妆品走进了大众的生活.
Firstly, body care comes into modern people’s daily life with their wealth increased.

其次, 使用化妆品成了人们掩饰自己衰老的手段.
在巨大的工作压力和高节奏的生活环境下, 人们日渐苍老却又不愿面对这个现实.
Secondly, using cosmetics is a good way to disguise one getting old.
People grow fast aging but they are reluctant to show it.

最后, 化妆品的制造商的推销手段越来越高明, 在铺天盖地的广告作用下越来越多的人认为使用化妆品是一种时尚.
Finally, due to the techniques of cosmetics advertisements,
people’s mindset have been deeply influenced and changed.
They think smoking is a cool fashion.

我认为, 如上几点原因说明了为什么越来越多的人XXX. (这是个万金油句式)
From what I have mentioned above,
These are the reasons that why more and more people XXX.

(13) 为什么越来越少的人去看中医?

I think the reasons that why fewer and fewer people choose Chinese medicine are as follows:

首先, 有经验的中医生越来越少了, 人们不愿意成为实习医生的试验品
Firstly, there remain less and less experienced Chinese herbalist doctor.
People don’t want to become experiments of those inexperienced doctors.

其次, 中药的制作及服用方法复杂, 所以人们放弃选择中医治疗.
Secondly, the making of Chinese medicine and the way to take it is very complicated.

最后, 由于中药见效慢, 在这个时间就是金钱的社会里, 人们自然就选择了西药.
Finally, the effect of Chinese medicine comes out very slow.
In the modern world where time is as precious as gold,
it’s normal to opt for Western medicine.

我认为, 如上几点原因说明了为什么越来越少人选择中医.
From what I have mentioned above,
These are the reasons that why fewer and fewer people choose Chinese medicine.

(14) Why do you keep a well-balanced(healthy) diet?

I think I can do things as follows to keep a well-balanced(healthy) diet:

Firstly, breakfast is very important, and eat on time is also important, so I regularly eat my breakfast at 7:00 a.m.

Secondly, we should eat less sugar and less salt, because they both do harm to our healthy.

Thirdly, we should eat more nutritious food like fruits, vegetables, fish and seafood to instead fried food and other innutritious food.

Finally, we should eat less in the evening.

From what I have mentioned above, I keep a well-balanced(healthy) diet through these ways.

(15) Who do you admire most in the last century?

上个世纪中我最崇拜的人是 Coco Chanel (这是扯的.. 我想不出自己崇拜谁, 只是挑个好下笔的), 我崇拜她的原因有如下几点:
Coco Chanel of the last century was the one I admire most, because of the following reasons:

首先, 作为一位女性, 在那样一个女性等同于附庸的年代里, 她的独立是何等的可贵;
Firstly, as a woman, she’s admirable to live through a time when women’s status was extremely low.

其次, 作为一位设计师, 她似乎永远都有消耗不完的热情, 可以将任何存在于她脑海中的事情变成真实, 她创立的品牌至今仍然是带动潮流的顶尖品牌;
Secondly, she seemed to have inconsumable passion so as to turn everything in her mind to reality. The brands she established are amongst those top ones that lead the fashion even today.

最后, 尽管她已逝世多年, 但许多人仍热爱着她的风格. 而她精彩的人生, 更使得她的生命留下浓厚的传奇色彩.
Finally, although she’s long passed away, many people are still taking memory of her and her styles. The rich life of hers also made her story legendary and mysterious.

以上就是我崇拜Coco Chanel的全部理由.

(16) A dream trip

Around the world, the place that I dreamed to visit is Kansai.
Kansai is located in the western part of the Japanese Archipelago.

There are several reasons why I dreamed to visit Kansai:

The first reason is seasons.
Anyone who has been to Kansai can enjoy the beautiful scenery throughout the year.
Kansai has four distinct seasons, all of which are comfortable and enjoyable.

The second reason is food and culture.
Kansai was once called the “Kitchen of Japan”, and has been known as a town for gourmets.
Its tradition has not changed and people in Kansai area are very fastidious about taste.
Therefore Kansai has many delicious foods.

The third reason is the hot springs.
Within Japan, Kansai is well known for its hot springs.
In Kansai, open air hot springs are everywhere.
These hot springs can give bathers complete relaxation.

I like the beautiful scenery, the delicious food, and the hot springs, so I dreamed to visit Kansai.

(17) Do you want to immigrate to countries like the U.S.A or Canada? Why or why not?

I don’t want to immigrate to countries like the U.S.A or Canada,
because I can’t adapt myself quickly to the new environment, new climates, or the new culture.

It usually takes me a considerable length of time to get used to a new way of living, let alone in a totally foreign country which I know little of.

New environment means I would have to learn every thing from scratch.
New climate could impose problems on my physical health.
New culture could create conflicts between the new community and myself.

Moreover I don’t like to live far away from my family.
There exists a strong bond between myself and the community that I live in. This includes my friends, family, workplace and neighborhood.
Living away from them may mean difficulties to maintain that strong bondage.

One of the important reasons is that I don’t like to be alone.
My happiness and self confidence is much depended on the people that I am familiar with and comfortable with. Once I am in a new environment, all of the above disappears.

So I prefer to live with my family in Shanghai.

(18) How do you like Yao Ming, a Chinese basketball player in NBA?

I think Yao Ming is an excellent basketball player. The reasons are as follows:

首先, 他多次代表国家参加世界性的比赛并为祖国争得荣誉.
Firstly, He had represented our country in many international sports games and made us proud.

其次, 为姚明是一个很谦虚的人. 他总是很善意的对待球迷和记者, 对球场上的对手, 前辈总是表示出敬意.
Secondly, Yao Ming is a modest person.
He has always treated journalists and his fans with respect.
He has always respected other players on the court.

最后, 姚明是一个很有上进心的人. 他通过自己的刻苦训练和努力, 终于在代表世界篮球最高水平的NBA中站稳了脚跟.
Finally, Yao Ming always sets himself high goals. Through hard training, he has finally achieved his goal of playing in the highest level of international basketball game – NBA.

(19) Why do Chinese enjoy Hollywood movies rather than Chinese ones?

There are several reasons why do Chinese prefer Hollywood movies over Chinese movies:

首先, 好莱坞电影的制作手段非常先进. 在几千万甚至上亿美元的投资下, 各种特技效果和电脑处理轮番上阵, 从而使好莱坞电影极具视觉冲击力.
Firstly, Hollywood movie used advanced technology in its production.
Through investments worth millions and billions of dollars, various special effects and computer animations has made Hollywood movie visually highly attractive.

其次, 好莱坞电影题材丰富. 在好莱坞电影中美国人特有的想象力发挥到了极致, 从而拍摄出了许多经典之作.
Secondly, Hollywood movies have interesting storylines. In Hollywood movies American producers have been thinking out side the square, and produced many classics.

制作精美的海报, 铺天盖地的广告以及周边产品无一不深深吸引着人们的眼球.
Finally, Hollywood movies have successful packaging and marketing campaigns. Posters, advertisements and other promoting products have always been influencing people’s minds.

(20) Effective measures to protect our earth

我认为, 要行之有效地保护我们的地球, 必须注意以下几点:
I think if we want to protect our earth effective, we must do several things as follows:

首先, 不要乱扔电池, 因为电池虽小, 对地球造成的污染却是巨大的.
Firstly, don’t discard used batteries into dustbins,
because one small battery could do big damage.

其次, 不要在江河湖海中倾倒污水, 在很多地方, 水质的恶化已经造成了严重的生态失衡, 并使部分水生物种灭绝.
Secondly, don’t pour dirty water into river or sea. In many places the bad water quality has already created serious environmental problems and made some water livings become extinct.

再次, 不要抽烟并且植更多的树可以洁净空气. 使用再生纸也是保护森林资源的一个途径.
Thirdly, No smoking and plant more trees for the clear air.
Use recyclale paper is also a way to protect forest resources.

最后, 寻找无污染的能源也是重要的一环.
Finally, looking for un-polluted natural resource is also important.

因为土壤、水、和空气都是生态系统中重要的部分, 缺一不可.
所以为了行之有效地保护我们的地球, 我们必须保证土壤、水和空气的洁净.
Because land, water, and air are all important parts of ego system, no one should be missing.
To protect our earth Effective, we must ensure that land, water, and air shall all be clear.


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